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The Events-To-Remember Group is a division of Synergistic Six - a leading technology firm. Our team members have twenty years of experience as corporate technology and event leaders. We have developed a team of skilled event producers, designers, promoters,  and leverage a growth engine that can help promote the event. We understand what it takes to create an "Event-To-Remember."  We have aligned with a unique team of celebrities that go above and beyond the call of duty to make your event successful. When working with us, you may choose from several options to provide your guests with inspirational messages from the celebrity, such as an:  Autograph Message, Recipes, or a Special Letter from the featured star talking about what it took to rise to fame. Your guests will receive this message before the event, keeping the event on its horizon. This has helped to increase attendance due to the extraordinary reach out before the event takes place. It is not just the event that makes the difference but the back story of the featured celebrity. 


Event Themes:


We specialize in: shows for the hospitality industry, large production shows, corporate events, team building sessions, sales meetings, club trips, VIP sessions, customer, partner, private and organizational events. Events may be created for a five-person event or a significant remote or on-site event. Our event strategist will work with your team members to advise on event tools and techniques to keep your guests connected before, during, and after your event - creating a lasting impression on your guests.  

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